Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs regarding our trading services are provided here.


For more general questions on emissions trading please refer to the NZETS Links page or call the Government helpline 0800 Climate (0800 284 628).


What role does NZCX play in the NZ carbon market?

NZCX's role is to facilitate and broker spot, forward, futures, options and more structured carbon deals on behalf of carbon sellers and buyers. NZCX does not take a trading position.


Who are NZCX's clients?

NZCX clients include; foresters, emitters with an obligation, industrials with an allocation, PRE allowance project holders, funds, banks.


What emission units does NZCX broker?

NZCX can facilitate the trade of NZUs (exportable and non-exportable), NZ forestry AAUs, CERs and ERUs.

NZCX does not broker voluntary emission units.  


What is the minimum volume of units that NZCX broker?

NZCX can facilitate and broker trades with a minimum parcel size of 5,000 units.


At what stage does NZCX become involved with a client/trade?

For sellers wishing to trade units already held in an emissions registry account on a spot basis, NZCX can facilitate trades on an immediate basis.

For buyers with an immediate or current vintage requirement, NZCX can assist in assessing and sourcing different market compliant options.

For forward or structured deals NZCX can meet with you to understand your requirements and assist you to broker these deals.


What will you need before NZCX can broker your units?

Before we can broker your units you will need to complete an NZCX Client Agreement. A copy can be downloaded here.


What brokerage fees does NZCX charge?

NZCX charges a market competitive, volume-based brokerage fee per unit successfully transacted.


What contracts or agreements are required to complete a trade?

In addition to the NZCX Client Agreement and registry account requirements, we can provide settlement and escrow agreements.


What is the settlement process?

NZCX as a broker takes an active part as a facilitator of a trade but does not take a trading position. Hence the buyer and the seller settle directly with each other. However, should escrow and settlement services be needed NZCX can provide these for the market counterparties.


What other services does NZCX provide?

NZCX can provide escrow and settlement services.

The Principals of NZCX can also provide specialist advisory and legal services, through their other businesses. [+] More